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  • CircleDown Releases Mobius
    CircleDown releases their first full length...
  • CircleDown wins 2 Auddy Awards awarded CircleDown a Platinum and Gold Auddy Award for "HalfStep" and "Crash".
  • Download BattleFlag
    Download BattleFlag Feat. Bleach Brothers. ...

New Music "MOBIUS"


Coming From Atlantic City New Jersey, CircleDown is a band that blends the music of  rock, hardcore, metal, raprock and alternative music genres into a heavy groove driven, melodic sound.

Members include Diode, Cansh, Reebus and Dean. Creating their distinctive sound comes from a wide range of influences and many facets of diversified musical styles. What they bring to the table is a music style that they can call their own while at the same time creating something appealing to alternative, rock, hardrock, hardcore and metal music fans alike.


CircleDown :: CircleDown Presskit 1 CircleDown :: CircleDown plays the Starland Ballroom CircleDown :: CircleDown Presskit 2
CircleDown :: DioDE - Vocals/DJ/Synth CircleDown :: Cansh - Bass CircleDown :: Dean - Guitars
CircleDown :: Reebus - Drums

CircleDown Awarded A Platinum and Gold Auddy

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Uplaya awards CircleDown a Platinum Auddy for "HalfStep" and Gold Auddy for "Crash".

Both songs are available on the new album MOBIUS available for download.

What is Uplaya?  Uplaya uses the Hit Song Scienceā„¢ technology to compare songs against hits of the past and present, allowing them to see how well the music fits into the current market as well as to identify potential hits.


Fan Made Video - Ambrosia

CircleDown :: Fan Made Video - Ambrosia (Trust No One EP)

Check out a fan made video for "Ambrosia" off of the 2007 EP "Trust No One".

The footage was shot during a show at the LGF in Atlantic City NJ.

Trust No One was released in 2007 as an EP that followed the releases of CircleDowns first two singles "HalfStep" and "BleedThru" (2004).  Ambrosia was included on the current full album release "MOBIUS" (2010) with new vocals/guitars/mix.



Studio Crash

crash"Mobius" was recorded and mixed at Studio Crash in Philadelphia.

Studio Crash Website


masterworkMastering for "Mobius" was completed by Masterwork Recording

Masterwork Recording Inc.

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